Cloth Range


Why do CHUX® Superwipes® rinse clean better than other cloths?
The double action holes enable the Superwipes® to easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed clean for use over and over again.



What makes CHUX® Robuste® cloths different from CHUX® Superwipes®?
The main difference between CHUX® Superwipes® and CHUX® Robuste® cloths, is that the CHUX® Robuste® cloths are twice as thick, making them extra strong for tougher jobs. CHUX® Robuste® cloths have also been impregnated with a special bacteriostat to make the cloths more resistant to odours.



How do CHUX® Disposable Dusting Cloths help to make dusting more hygienic?
For best dusting results, dust, mites and allergens need to be trapped and thrown out, not simply shifted into the air or stored in the duster. Most dusting cloths are designed to trap dust and be used over and over again. However, this means that the dirt and germs are trapped in the duster which can become quite unhygienic over time. Whereas CHUX® Disposable Dusting Cloth, designed to attract, lift and trap dust in the cloth, allowing you to simply toss out the cloth dust, germs and all.