Handy Hints

Around the House

  • To remove stubborn scuff marks from skirting boards, simply wet a CHUX® Magic Eraser® block and rub the marks away with ease.
  • Wrap a CHUX® Superwipes® cloth around a butter knife to clean in all the hard to reach places – under the fridge, between the cupboards.
  • Why waste money buying expensive re-fills for your sweepers. Just attach a CHUX® Superwipe® to the bottom of your sweeper – works just as well, and you can rinse it to use over and over.
  • Use a CHUX® All-purpose Scourer  Sponge and some detergent to remove stubborn stains from the sole of your iron and other non-stick / Teflon surfaces.
  • Trying to achieve the sponge effect on your walls. Just scrunch a CHUX® Superwipe® or a CHUX® Robuste® cloth into a ball and sponge the paint – cheap and effective decorating. Remember to wear CHUX® Disposable gloves to protect your hands!