Handy Hints


  • Each time you pop in the shower, take a CHUX® Magic Eraser® Bathroom block in with you. In moments the white side will remove soap scum from tiles and glass with just water, and with the yellow chamois, your tiles and glass will be left streak-free. Best of all you no longer need chemicals to get a brilliant clean in your shower!
  • Next time you clean your toilet, use a pair of disposable gloves from the CHUX® Disposable Gloves Range. The beauty of CHUX® Disposable Gloves is that after the task is complete, you simply toss the germs and gloves out.
  • Use CHUX® Cleaning Wipes with disinfectant to wipe down your toilet, and simply throw the germs away. CHUX® Cleaning Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and they come in a handy canister, ideal for bathroom storage.
  • Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Why not try the CHUX® Sensitive Skin re-useable gloves, which are latex free, and have a superior luxury lining, making them ideal for washing up and cleaning.