Handy Hints


  • Place a damp CHUX® Superwipes® cloth under your chopping board to stop it from slipping and sliding around.
  • Having trouble removing your rubber gloves after washing up? Run your hands under cold water – you’ll find they come off much easier.
  • Chopping onion, garlic or other strong smelling foods? Try CHUX® Food Preparation Disposable Gloves – they are odour free and safe to use when handling food, as well as being resistant to food based oils and grease.
  • To avoid leaving your sponge scourer soaking wet after use, hang your CHUX® Scourer Scrubs on your tap faucet, using the unique tap hang feature.
  • Stubborn baked on food splatter in your microwave? Use a moistened CHUX® Magic Eraser® block to remove the grease and grime without having to use any chemicals. If any loosened scraps remain, simply turn the block around and use the blue foam side to pick up the food particles.
  • Place fresh or dried herbs in a CHUX® Superwipes® cloth, tie and then place in the cupboard as a pomander or hang under the bath tap for a fragrant bath bag.