The Heavy Duty Sponge Scourer is ideal for the tougher cleaning jobs around the home.

The Extra Heavy Duty Sponge Scourer is ideal for baked on and stubborn cleaning jobs.

CHUX has been an Australian tried and tested favourite for over 40 yrs.

Recognising that consumers are always on the lookout for products that help clean more quickly and easier, CHUX has launched the NEW Magic Wand range.

The Magic Wand is highly durable and has a large surface area for quicker and easier cleaning. The thermoplastic rubber handle has a contoured superior grip and the wand itself can be filled with cleaning fluid. The dispensing button controls the flow of fluid ensuring less waste and no leaks.

  • TO INSERT HEAD - Align the attachment head into the wand and turn gently until it lock into place. Excessive force can result in damage to the wand unit.
  • TO RELEASE HEAD - Hold the wand and turn attachment head about 45 degrees.
  • TO FILL - Simply lift the blue dispensing button. Securely close before using.