Disposable Dusting Cloths

  • Quick and easy dusting
  • Chemical free cleaning

CHUX® Disposable Dusting Cloths are made from advanced fibres that attract, lift and trap dust quickly and easily. Containing no polish additives, CHUX® Disposable Dusting Cloths will leave your household surfaces clean and residue free.

For best results, dust, mites and allergens need to be trapped and thrown out, not simply shifted into the air or stored in the duster. By using both sides of the CHUX® Disposable Dusting Cloth you will be able to dust around your home, then simply toss out the cloth, dust and all, to help keep your house hygienically clean.

Available pack counts:

  • 10 cloth packs (180mm x 230mm)

Please read instructions available on pack before use.